Alert! Your email will be blacklisted soon.

If you receive an email with the subject "Alert! Your email will be blacklisted soon." just delete it. It is a phishing email. By clicking on the link inside the email, you are verifying to the spammer that your email address is valid. They can then sell your email address for a higher price than one that is not verified. So just delete the email.

Facebook is at it again

First they did away with the Facebook Share button for external web sites. This forced everyone to use the Facebook Like button. Now they are making changes to it as well. Hopefully, the dust will settle down and the people who wrote the Facebook Like button we use will update their software to the new format. If not, we may have to look for another module. I plan on waiting a few days to see what happens before jumping to something else.

Facebook Share vs. Facebook Like

On this web site and many of the others I design and host, I've included a Facebook Share button. This button makes it easy for anyone reading your website to share it on their Facebook page. Today, all of my Facebook Share buttons suddenly disappeared. It seams that Facebook wants us to use a Facebook Like button instead of a Facebook Share button. They do basically the same thing. Now a user can like a page on your web site and that is recorded on their Facebook page and is in the news-feeds of all their friends. So here is the new Facebook Like button.