Phone Scam

Phone Scam

Beware of a new phone scam going around. I've had three different reports in the last week of this scam. Someone will call claiming to be from Microsoft and tell you that your computer is infected with a virus. They ask you to open a web browser and go to a specific website that they have set up. Once there, they can take control of your computer. They will install software that allows them to control your computer even after you leave their web site. Once they have control, they can search your hard drive for financial or identity information.


Recovered Data from Dead Server

Others had tried but could not do it. The server had a RAID 5 system with one bad hard drive. It would not boot into normal or safe mode due to a hosed Active Directory. I finally got the server to boot into Active Directory Recovery Mode and was able to copy the data 2 GB's at a time to a thumb drive and then to a waiting laptop.