Recovered Data from Dead Server

Others had tried but could not do it. The server had a RAID 5 system with one bad hard drive. It would not boot into normal or safe mode due to a hosed Active Directory. I finally got the server to boot into Active Directory Recovery Mode and was able to copy the data 2 GB's at a time to a thumb drive and then to a waiting laptop.

It's Flu Season

I've noticed a marked increase in virus activity over the last week. The main virus is a variation of Virus.Win32.Rbot.gen. When a system is infected, it will make changes to the root of any drive letter it sees. All of the folders are marked as system and hidden so that the user with standard Windows settings will no longer see them. It then replicates itself, taking on the names of the folders it just hid and giving itself an icon that looks like a folder icon. The unsuspecting user will click on the virus thinking that he is opening his own folders.