Passwords - Keys to the Information Superhighway

“Hackers nab 1.2B passwords in colossal breach, says security firm” That is the headline of an article from CNET in August of last year. So what can you do to protect yourself from password heists? Unfortunately, we are in a state of minimizing damage rather than avoiding it entirely. Those 1.2 Billion passwords, and many others from similar attacks have already been stolen. The horse is already out of the barn. The question now becomes, “What can be done to minimize the effect of this and similar password breaches?”


PUPies and Viruses


No, it's not time to call the vet, but if your computer is running like an overweight basset hound, it may be time to put a leash on some unwanted programs. These unwanted programs are classified depending on how they attach themselves to your computer.

Viruses are programs that attach themselves to other programs. They also replicate themselves and attempt to infect other systems.

Trojan Horses are programs that are embedded inside another program that appears to be something of value.


Church Websites


When designing or maintaining your church website, there are four things you need to consider. You need to Specialize, Organize, Modify, and Advertise. The difference between a successful church website and just another spot on the web, can usually be attributed to the thought put into these four areas.



Windows 10

Windows 10

What is Windows 10?

There is much talk about Windows 10 that Microsoft is currently working on. After the fiasco called Windows 8, businesses especially have been waiting with aging systems for the next OS. Windows 10 will probably be released sometime late this year. Current technical review builds show some promising improvements in the Microsoft OS. The best way I can describe it is a merging of Windows 7 and Windows 8 with a few extra features thrown in.


Advanced Anti-Spam


All of our website hosting comes with unlimited email accounts and anti-spam applications implemented on the email server. These applications do a decent job of weeding out the spam while delivering your good email. For clients who want an even more robust anti-spam solution, we can configure Trend Micro's Hosted Email Security to catch even more spam. If you want us to configure and manage this solution, there will be a yearly charge of $49 per email address.