Windows 10 Upgrade Tip of the Day

Before upgrading your Windows 8 PC to Windows 10, you need to disable "Secure Boot" in the system's BIOS. This "feature" is designed to prevent booting from CD's DVD's Flash Drive's, etc that may contain viruses. It can also cause your Windows 8 PC to boot to a black screen in the middle of the Windows 10 Upgrade process. If this happens, you need to edit your system BIOS, disable the Secure Boot and enable Legacy Boot. The exact steps for doing this are dependent upon your particular model of computer.

Our Backup Plans just got Beefier

Due to the popularity of our Online Backup plans, I’m now able to offer these plans with much more memory and lower per Gig prices. For each plan, I’ve doubled the amount of included backup and I’ve cut in half the amount you pay per Gigabyte over the plan. As always, I will check your data usage and calculate the best plan for you. For example, someone with 100 Gig’s of data would have been on the Server III plan and would have paid $174.95 per month. Under the new plans, this same person would be on the Server II plan with 20 Gig’s of overage.

Windows 10... Ready or Not, Here it Comes!!!

Hide and Seek

Apparently, the whole world has not gone gaga over Windows 10 and already installed it on all of their Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines. So Microsoft has decided to be a bit more aggressive in forcing that to happen. Sometime soon, the Windows 10 upgrade will show up in Windows Optional updates. Depending on your Automatic update settings, this may be enough to trigger a Windows 10 Upgrade.

New and Improved Web Hosting Services (But Wait!! There’s More!!!)

But Wait!  There's More!!

Over the last few weeks, we have transitioned all of our web and email hosting clients to a new type of hosting server. The main factor driving this change was to give us better control of our email delivery. Under the old system our email IP address was frequently considered suspect for spam. This reduced the ability of some of our emails to reach some of our recipients. The new system gives us more control over some key email settings and also isolates our IP address from others who may have been using it to send out spam.